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Here is some Hints and some ways To use the cheat. You would be probably asking if is it free or some sort of a fake. Well no worries because its not. Get Ready for a new kind of Adventure. Share with your friends and family, just remember to ask as always if you have some sort of questions … Well Good Luck and have a nice day Playing. oh by the way if it does not work remember to check your browser it might not be updated or maybe you just need to restart and Log in again.

Criminal Case may be a detective themed hidden-object game, wherever you taken through totally different cases attempting to search out clues in the crime scene, analyze objects inside the laboratory and eventually arrest the correct suspect. This game incorporates some social options to play on your neighbors and solve the case abundant easier.

Criminal Case Guide: Cases Walkthrough

Welcome to the foremost complete Criminal Case‘s Cases Walkthrough. we have a tendency to revise each case well. If you’re having issues determination a scene or a puzzle, merely leave a message below and we’ll reply quickly.

At the top of every case’s chapter, you may realize the fingernail of every crime scene, that is connected to an even bigger image of it thus you’ll be able to take the time to work out and hit the books wherever area unit all the hidden objects/hints. If you continue to can’t leave a comment below thus we are able to offer you the placement.

Crime Scene one. The Docks

Clues: [Victim’s Body, Dan’s case,Broken Badge]

Crime Scene a pair of. lounge

Clues: [Sally’s Bag]

Crime Scene three. Container

Clues: [Cigarette Butt]

Crime Scene four. Bed

Clues: [Sally’s Shoes]

Crime Scene five. Backstreet

Clues: [Bloody Poster]

Crime Scene half-dozen. Garbage Bin

Clues: [Knife]

Criminal Case cheats area unit terribly rare, however I’ll share one here on this post i’m about to share a cheat for the sport, “Criminal Case”. The cheat/hack has several options. These area unit the subsequent options for the criminal case cheat:

Unlimited money
Unlimited Coins
Unlimited Speed
Unlimited Energy
Unlimited Hints
Unlock All things
Stop Time

Why would i take advantage of Criminal Case cheats?

Well, if you’re something like Maine you furthermore mght prefer to speed things up alittle bit. Also, having the ability to point out your friends your game stats is pretty fun additionally. after you have of these things the sport simply gets most additional fun in my opinion.

Why shouldn’t I simply transfer Criminal Case cheats somewhere else?

Sure, you may try this. although you’ve got to use caution regarding what you transfer on the net. many folks try to infect you with stuff, which may hurt you laptop.

Also, this cheat has just about everything you would like to own in Criminal Case. I actually have used this and it’s wonderful.


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