Social Empires Cheats


Social Empire Cheat

Tools: Cheat Engine & Firefox

Use Firefox, Open Cheat Engine
modification price kind to Array of bytes
hunt for this Codes: 5B thirty eight thirty 2C twenty thirty seven thirty five 2C
and alter the code
visit unit and get the vulcano
Open Social Empires
Build any Resource building
In Cheat engine kind zero then 1st scan
Select 2 Villagers and place them within the building
type two in cheat engine and press next scan!!!
repeat the 5-6 steps till there’s 1-5 addresses left
Start a five Minutes Job
Select speed hack and place it on five hundred
after the work end place the speed hack to zero
Change the one-5 Addresses you bought from step seven to 1,000,000
Put the Speed hack to zero.2 and collect the Resources you bought from the work
Now you want to be quick!!!! once the assembling end twenty Million Food, Coins, Wood or Rock can seem
Set the speed hack to zero once more
Change all the values you’ve got back to two
Put the speed hack to one
Have Fun along with your unlimited Resources

Social Empire: Dragon Breeding Nest Cheats

Play Social Empires
Click mini computer hardware icon at the highest left of cheat engine
Select “plugin_container.exe” (firefox) or third or fourth chrome.exe(google chrome)
Go to Dragon Breeding Nest and enter
In cheat engine click the modify speed hack and place 5000 then hit aply
Then the time goes quick,
Click the Feed once more till you’re done

fix your settings for a better use of the cheat. What are you waiting for? Give it a try now be on the lead and be the first from your group of friends. Ask us questions we would be happy to answer them. Hard time running it ? try to look at your script on your fire fox there might be something wrong. This is a new Generation of cheat for you to just lay down and relax while watching your character level up and go for a great thing that you are wishing for. Quiker and more efficient egg hatching and more cash for you .. If you got disconnected just re log in and run the cheat again. There are some cases where the cheat does not work, well easy just check the version of your firefox and other things that might be the cause of it. Also we would be happy to get some of your comments so that we could improve the cheats for you, and also to share to your friends. Be Friendly share it with your Foe’s as well smile everyday and you will have a nice day


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    Damn great software!!!!!!!
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